Diya Pakistan Foundation Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2022

Diya Pakistan Foundation Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2022. The Diya Pakistan Foundation of Pakistan is providing scholarships for residents of Pakistan. These scholarships are for aspirants who are registered in various universities of the government and are pursuing their undergraduate and Master’s degree.

Diya Pakistan Foundation (DPF) scholarship is for talented, most deserving, financially distressed students across Pakistan with the intent to enable them to pursue their academic objectives, and also to reduce poverty.

On need bases

You should apply for these scholarships! It’s only through scholarships like these that you can finance your education without incurring debt.

The organization provides 55,000 scholarships annually to school and university students.


Eligibility. Only students who have scored at least 60% are eligible to apply. Students are studying in government schools. Those who have already received a stipend are ineligible to apply.

PhD, M.Phil. students are not eligible to apply. Candidates who do not qualify for any of the scholarships are not eligible for application to the DIYA Scholarships.

Not available. Scholarships are not offered by the company.

What’s great about DIAYA Pakistan is that it also offers training programs, allowing individuals to improve their skills and receive a monthly stipend.

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DIYA Scholarships Features

DIYA Scholarships Features. It offers scholarships to all students of government-aided schools. Each year the number of scholarships for a particular category will be decided at the beginning of the academic year based on the demand. There are various categories of scholarships which include: School demands 45,000 scholarships. Skills Development Courses 8000 Scholarships.

Eligible Nationality:

Eligibility: Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Pakistan. They must be students between 10 to 25 years of age and have completed matriculation or higher. They are required to have a good command of English.

For international students there are many scholarship programs, such as the DiyaPakistan Foundation Scholarships for Pakistani Students, 2022, to study abroad. Ask HN:

Document requirements

Scan copies of the following documents. (Please indicate which file has your scanned document): Personal CNIC (parties). CNIC Father (parties). Mother CNIC (parties). CNIC Guardian (if not a parent applicant). Matric Certificate. Family Registration Certificate from NADRA. Intermediate Certificate. Bachelor’s Degree (If the applicant is enrolled in the Master Level Program). Hifz Certificate (if available, 5% credit will be added). Disability Certificate (if any). 

All University Semester / Yearly results certificates that have been published. Challan Mortgage or Bankruptcy for the current year. Retirement information, title page, and retirement page. (If the guardian is a salaried person). Download from the “DOWNLOAD” page of our website. Salary Statement (If the guardian is a salaried person). Electricity bill. College Card is available.

If you have attended Private School at an intermediate level, send a bill or Certificate of Payment for your expenses.

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How to apply for the Diya scholarship:

To apply to the Diya scholarship program, first of all, go to the Diya website ”” in Diya scholarship. The application procedure is totally online. Fill up the proper online form available on the Diya scholarship website.

Once you complete all the mandatory fields, enter your password in the space below and click “Login” to save the entry and return to this page.

Who is Diya Foundation?

What is Diya Foundation? Diya Foundation (Df) is a social organization striving for a just and civil society striving for a just and civil society striving for a just and civil society was established to enhance the livelihood and well being of the deprived and underprivileged class, particularly who lacks access to Resources, Services, Information, and Market.

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the underserved rural and semi-urban areas, bringing about the social and economic development of the people, by bringing about change in the community through empowerment, participation, self-reliance, self-sustainability, and self-governance.

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What are Diya Pakistan Foundation Scholarships for Pakistani Students?

Diya Pakistan Foundation Scholarships for Pakistani Students is a professionally managed charitable organization that is committed to eradicating poverty by promoting literacy.

Diya has been helping financially distressed students get scholarships, helping them pay for their education. She has over 300,000 merit scholarships worth $5.7 million to students from India.

This is an important book that talks about the impacts that the global environment has on Pakistan. Its impact is notable because a large portion of the Pakistani population does not have access to education.

What Do I need to know about Diya Pakistan Foundation Scholarships?

Many governmental and private sector scholarships are available for students. Financial aid and scholarships are available for students at the secondary level in Pakistan.

Private institutions are well known for their scholarships for the deserving poor. One of the famous private schools in Pakistan is the Diya, which has a history of more than two decades.

In Diya Pakistan, Priority is given to students belonging to violence-affected areas and victims of flood and earthquake disasters and has an arm that contains a unique program that incentivizes high-performing students by offering continuous scholarships throughout their academic careers.

The best school in Pakistan to provide scholarships for high-performing students. It gives a scholarship on a continuous basis and on the basis of academic performance.

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