When you are looking for financial aid, especially international financial aid, knowing where to look and what to look for can be the difference from spending 1 hour online and 10 hours online. If you know the right resources and how to use them properly – you could be well on your way to securing international financial aid! we have worked long and hard to produce articles that will help you in your quest plus we have provided links to some other financial aid sites that you might also find helpful.

International Student Community

We’re excited to be supporting the International Student Community! It’s the place for ambitious students to hang out, ask questions, and empower each other to pursue the best international education.

How to Search for Scholarships this Website

we provides an up-to-date, free, comprehensive and searchable list of scholarships available to international students from around the world. If you find an award you are interested in, you then apply directly to the school or organization that offers the award. We do not provide awards of our own, we do not accept applications for listed awards, and we cannot provide personalized advice or direction to users.

The Scholarship Search lists awards for study all over the world, and there are awards open to students from all over the world. Each award has its own contact information and application information.

1. Search. To start your search for scholarships, click on “Scholarship Search.” You can search by geographic location, by subject of study, by student origin, or by award name.

2. Create Account/Sign In. If you find an award you are interested in, click on it. You will be prompted to sign in to your account, or to create a new account. To create an account, simply submit an email and a password. You can save awards that you are interested in, and access you saved awards the next time you come back to the site.

3. Apply for Award. Once you have logged in, you can see the contact information for the school or organization that offers the award. You will have to contact that organization to request the necessary forms, etc. and to see what requirements apply. You then can apply directly to the organization that offers the award.

Trouble logging in or viewing awards?
Typically, after you’ve created an account with an email and a password and you still can’t sign in, the problem is that cookies are not enabled on your computer. If you enable cookies on your computer, or use a computer which has cookies enabled, you should be able to sign on. Click here for information on how to enable cookies:

Additional Helpful Articles

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Other Useful Links

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How to List your Study has the largest online directory of scholarships and other awards for international study. It’s free to list your award and free for students to search.