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Top Scholarships for Women in January 2023

Women have not always had the same opportunities as men when it comes to education and careers. In the past, many colleges did not even allow women to enroll. Luckily, things have changed and now there are a large number of programs and scholarships available to help support women in their educational pursuits. These scholarships help to level the playing field, and give all women the opportunity to achieve their purpose of life.

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If you are a mother or a single mother, you may be interested in our top scholarships for mothers and single mothers!

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Top Scholarships for Women in January 2023

  1. $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship


    Easy scholarship open to all US-based high school, college, community college and graduate students.

    1 award worth $10,000
    Deadline Jun 30, 2023


  1. $2,000 Nitro College Scholarship – No Essay


    Easy scholarship open to all high school, college, community and graduate students.

    1 award worth $2,000
    Deadline Jan 31, 2023
  2. Niche $2,000 “No Essay” College Scholarship


    Easy scholarship from Niche open to all high school, college, and graduate students.

    1 award worth $2,000
    Deadline Jan 31, 2023
  3. Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation Education Scholarship

    Offered by Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation

    Open to female, North American citizens pursuing a career in the automotive, mobility, or related industries.

    1 award worth $2,500
    Deadline Jan 10, 2023
  4. Margaret Mcnamara US-Canada Program

    Offered by Margaret Mcnamara Education Grants

    Women aged 25 and up who are nationals of a country on the MMEG eligibility list and are full-time college students in the U.S. or Canada.

    Multiple awards worth up to $15,000
    Deadline Jan 15, 2023
  5. MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship

    Offered by MPOWER Financing

    International and DACA female students who wish to study in the U.S. or Canada and pursue a career in STEM, the medical field, or education.

    Multiple awards worth up to $6,000
    Deadline Jan 15, 2023
  6. Legacy Scholarship Program

    Offered by Army Women’s Foundation

    Open to women soldiers, past and present, as well as their descendants, who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.

    Multiple awards worth up to $3,000
    Deadline Jan 20, 2023
  7. Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Academic Scholarship

    Offered by Architects Foundation

    Open to women studying architecture at a NAAB-accredited bachelor’s or master’s degree program.

    1 award worth $10,000
    Deadline Jan 20, 2023
  8. “Making Waves” Scholarship for Women


    Women currently attending high school, college, technical/vocational, or graduate school are eligible to apply.

    1 award worth $500
    Deadline Jan 31, 2023
  9. Norma Ross Walter Scholarship

    Offered by Willa Cather Center

    Open to female high school seniors from Nebraska who plan on enrolling in accredited universities as English majors after graduation.

    Multiple awards worth up to $3,000
    Deadline Jan 31, 2023
  10. $25k “Be Bold” No-Essay Scholarship


    Easy scholarship open to high school students, college students, community college students, and graduate students.

    1 award worth $25,000
    Deadline Jan 31, 2023
  11. “Mom to Scholar” Scholarship for Mothers


    Open to mothers over the age of 35 either accepted to or a attending technical, community, or four-year college/university.

    1 award worth $1,000
    Deadline Jan 31, 2023
  12. Jeannette Rankin Foundation National Scholar Grant

    Offered by Jeannette Rankin Foundation

    Open to women aged 35 and up who are pursuing a technical/vocational, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree.

    Multiple awards worth $2,000
    Deadline Feb 17, 2023
  13. KnowBe4 Women’s Scholarship

    Offered by Center for Cyber Safety and Education

    Open to female students who will be enrolled in a U.S. university this upcoming Fall and hope to pursue a career in cyber security.

    1 award worth up to $13,000
    Deadline Feb 20, 2023
  14. Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship

    Offered by American Statistic Association

    Open to U.S. women in a graduate level statistics program.

    2 awards worth $1,000
    Deadline Feb 23, 2023
  15. Hilda Specter Morgenstern Merit Scholarship

    Offered by Morganstern Scholarship

    Open to female Jewish college students who will study in Israel.

    1 award worth $2,500
    Deadline Feb 28, 2023
  16. AWM Austin Scholarship

    Offered by Alliance for Women in Media

    Open to female college sophomores, juniors, and seniors pursuing careers in media at a university in the Austin, TX area.

    1 award worth $5,000
    Deadline Mar 1, 2023
  17. AWSCPA Scholarship Award

    Offered by Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

    Open to women enrolled full-time in a posts secondary institution to pursue an accounting degree.

    4 awards worth $5,000
    Deadline Mar 15, 2023
  18. $10,000 College Xpress Scholarship


    Annual $10k scholarship from College Xpress open to all high school students.

    1 award worth $10,000
    Deadline May 1, 2023
  19. $2,500 January Scholarship Points Scholarship


    Easy $10k scholarship from Scholarship Points open to all students.

    1 award worth $2,500
    Deadline Jan 31, 2023

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Scholarships at women’s colleges

Women’s colleges and universities are designed to support female students. The schools below are some of the top women’s colleges that offer merit scholarships.

Agnes Scott College (Decatur, GA)

  • Agnes Scott College offers a variety of merit-based scholarships to first-year freshman students. Scholarships range from $15,000 to $25,000 per year.
  • To qualify for scholarships at Agnes Scott, students must submit their Common Application and supporting materials by January 15th.

Barnard College (New York, NY)

  • Barnard does not offer scholarships based on merit, but has a generous financial aid program that meets 100% of demonstrated need for all students who qualify.
  • To qualify for need-based aid at Barnard, students must submit the CSS Profile and the FAFSA.

Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, PA)

  • Bryn Mawr offers merit-based scholarships of up to $40,000 per year to eligible incoming first-year students.
  • To be considered for Bryn Mawr merit aid, students need only to submit their admissions application.

Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA)

  • Mount Holyoke offers three major scholarships to students based on merit: the Trustee Full Tuition.
  • Scholarship, the 21st Century Scholars program, and the Chin Scholars program.

Scrips College (Claremont, CA)

  • Scrips College offers merit-based scholarships that range from $15,000 to $28,000 per year.
  • All applicants will be automatically considered for these scholarships when they apply-no other application is necessary.

Smith College (Northampton, MA)

  • Smith College offers automatic scholarships of up to $25,000 per year to female students. The merit scholarships are awarded based on GPA and SAT scores.
  • To be eligible for scholarship consideration, you must complete the CSS PROFILE application by November 15.
  • Check out this college that awards automatic scholarships of up to $25,000 per year to female students. In addition, all Smith applicants for admission are automatically considered for merit aid.

Spelman College (Atlanta, GA)

  • Spelman College offers merit-based scholarships to high-achieving students in our applicant pool.
  • To be eligible for consideration, students must have a minimum weighted GPA of 3.8 and minimum test scores of 31 on the ACT or 1330 on the SAT.

Wellesley College (Wellesley, MA)

  • While Wellesley College does not offer scholarships based on merit, they are still very generous when it comes to need-based financial aid.
  • Low-income students have a chance to be matched to the college through their Questbridge application.
  • Questbridge is an organization that supports high-achieving students who may not have the same financial opportunities as others.


Top Easy Scholarships for Women


$10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship



Scholarship Details +
$2,000 Nitro College Scholarship – No Essay



Scholarship Details +
$40,000 BigFuture Scholarships



Scholarship Details +
$2,000 “No Essay” College Scholarship



Scholarship Details +

How to win scholarships for women

With scholarships, like most things in life, the more women that apply, the tougher the competition gets. So, if you want to win a scholarship for women, it’s important to make your application stand out from the rest. A great way to do this is by reading over the scholarship requirements and prompts very carefully before you start writing your application. This will give you a better understanding of what the scholarship board is looking for and how you can best present yourself as a candidate.

Keep the organization’s values and principles in mind as you write, and be sure to emphasize these values throughout your work. Make sure you are directly addressing the prompts, and speaking to how your experiences as a woman have shaped your choices. If you have experienced any form of discrimination or setbacks in your career due to your gender, try to frame these challenges as learning opportunities instead of highlighting the unfairness of the situation. This will show that you have found ways to be successful despite any adversity you may have faced.

Writing strong essays

Your application essays are your chance to shine and demonstrate to the scholarship committee why you deserve their award. Luckily, we have a wealth of resources to help you fine-tune your writing so that your essays are as strong as possible. These include guides on how to write about yourself, how to start and end scholarship essays, and how to write a winning scholarship essay. We can also help you tailor your writing to 250 or 500 word prompts, and respond to the most common scholarship essay prompts. Good luck!


What GPA do you need to win scholarships for women?

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