Turkey Government Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022

Turkey Government Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022 are now open for online applications for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Programs

Degrees. Turkey, famous for being one of the most powerful empires in the world, along with its rich Middle East and European cultural diversity, can be a great place to study and explore.

Istanbul is becoming a hotspot for international students to learn and conquer the world around them. It’s the 2nd most popular city in the world for international students.

According to the latest QS rankings, the Turkish education system is ranked the third-best in the world. More than 10 Turkish universities have been featured in the QS rankings, in which Koc, Bilkent, METU, Sabanci, and 6 other universities are included.

Out of the 46 universities in Turkey, there are about 10 universities that are ranked among the top 20 universities in EECA rankings. Turkey welcomes about 5000 international students each year who enjoy a comprehensive university experience, economical student life, and a welcoming environment that is surrounded by highly qualified scholars and brilliant students who thrive for knowledge just as much as you do.

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Study in Turkey Without IELTS:

If you’ve already attended high school and college or university in another country and have a degree in English, you could study in Turkey for an additional qualification or as a part of your studies.

The number one reason to choose Turkey as your educational destination is that there are so many opportunities to study abroad, including scholarships from the Turkish government.

From your accommodation to your transportation is covered by the Turkish Government. Furthermore, Turkish scholarship programs don’t require IELTS, and you can apply without it. These No IELTS Turkey scholarship covers tuition fee. Monthly stipends.

I’ve lived abroad for 4 years, and I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to do it. It’s a huge country, so there are a lot of possibilities. It’s also a pretty big city, so it’s easy to find an apartment, which is where I chose to stay.

The Bologna Accord was signed by all EU countries in 2001. It aims to improve the quality and internationality of higher education by improving student exchange.

Any degree or diploma received from a Turkish university will be recognized in all of Europe. It’s a bologna grade of 5 out of 5 for exchange programs.

Turkey has one of the most advanced higher education systems in the world. The country has 207 universities with high QS rankings and offers over 60,000 different programs including undergraduate, post-graduate,  and doctorate degrees.

They offer level programs. All the universities are equipped with modern and technological labs and also research centers. No matter which university you choose, the experience will be the same everywhere. The extra-curricular activities: Being a university student is not only about studying, students should be provided with the cultural and social facilities too.

Turkish universities provide a wide range of activities that allow students to meet and engage with people of different cultures. These activities include social clubs, social events, and sports teams, and they’re often opportunities for students of different nationalities to get to know each other and create friendships across national borders.

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Scholarships in Turkey Without IELTS in 2022-2023

Scholarships in Turkey without IELTS requirements in 2023. Every year Turkey offers 5000 scholarships without IELTS exam requirements to international students. These scholarships are highly competitive and purely based on merit.

This scholarship is open to Turkish citizens who are studying in any field.

1 Bilkent University scholarship: Bilkent University is named Turkey’s highest-ranked university.

As the name indicates, Bilkent is the city of sciences. It accommodates 12,500 undergraduate students for B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. It has four large faculties: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Sciences.

2 Anadolu University Scholarship: It’s the second-largest university in the Republic of Turkey. Its main focus is on engineering. It provides undergraduate programs and graduate programs.

The Ankara University Development Foundation provides scholarships to its best candidates.

Gazi University provides many different types of scholarships, including special scholarships, dormitory scholarships, and food scholarships, based on the needs of the students. These are all decided by the university’s board of directors.

In addition, we also provide scholarships for international students.

4 Istanbul university scholarships: Istanbul University is a public institution that ranks 801th in Qs rankings, that provides scholarships to the Turkish Government scholarships to international students.

One of the best colleges in Turkey for English language study, it offers scholarships to foreign students.

5 Cankaya University: One of the best Turkish universities for English language studies, it has a top-level Times Higher Education Ranking.

Can Kaygılay welcomes international students through the Erasmus+ program, and has summer school scholarships too.

6 Sabanci university scholarship: Sabanci University is one of the two highest-rated Turkish universities that has made it into 520-530 universities internationally in Qs rankings.

It is well known for its high research outputs, accommodating 364 international students on scholarships. 96% of its students are successful in finding jobs within a year.

7 at Ataturk University scholarships: Ranks 541 at Quacquarelli Symonds rankings.

It’s located in Erzurum. Ataturk University offers various kinds of scholarships to its international candidates, such as the Harran scholarship, the Black Sea scholarship program, the Balkan scholarships program, and many others.

8 Istanbul Technical University: It ranks 701 according to the QS Rankings.

The Çukurova University is one of the oldest Turkish public institutes that is well known for its departments of technology, history, arts, and sports. International students are provided scholarships through the Turkish government.

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